... Data as such hardly has any value. It's value lies in the relation with other data. When linked, data becomes meaningful information. This gives you a tremendous information advantage for internal business intelligence purposes as well as for your customers. Linked Data technology is also ideal for rapid development of new smart applications, generating new business. With more and more open data becoming available on the web, the possibilities are endless.

How do we work? We offer a non-committal analysis of your data landscape; we make an inventory of your data and its different forms, formats and locations, and of open data relevant to your organisation. Based on that we give an advice on how to obtain optimal value from your data in your line of business including an estimation of cost and benefit. Next we realize Linked Data starting with a proof of concept that is extensible to large volumes of data later on, allowing you to semantically query your data and experience its benefits. Furthermore we offer a data space as a service, taking the responsibility of secure and fast access out of your hands.

Semantic Solutions